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For a working estimate we need to look at the job, no two are the same. Estimates will tell you how much paper to buy and the cost to install it.

Call for your free no obligation estimate.


We have included a few examples of approximate costs to install wallpaper

Bathroom (6x10)

Estimate approx

6 Single Rolls

$ 200

Bedroom (12x18)

Estimate approx

14 Single Rolls

$ 350

Kitchen (12x14)

Estimate approx

10 Single Rolls

$ 250

Living Room (12x20)

Estimate approx

18 Single Rolls

$ 400

Prices vary depending on the condition of the wall, the wallpaper type, hand trimmed edges, amount of cut in required and the size of the repeat.

Note: A standard roll of wall paper is called a double roll and contains two single rolls

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